CloudBerry Explorer Discount and Get Nice Coupon in 2018

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It is not easy to store a big number of files to any cloud storage. But, it is not that much easy to manage those files after storing. This task can easily be done with the help of CloudBerry Explorer. It is one of the most efficient cloud storage management tools available right now.

CloudBerry Explorer Review and Features

Almost every successful software company is focused on a specialized platform. There are some companies focusing on the desktop tools. Similarly, some companies provide some cloud storage related tools. CloudBerry Lab is one of these companies. CloudBerry Explorer is one of the best products of this brand. This software will help you to move different types of files across your local and cloud storages. It is useful for performing some other necessary operations too. Hence, please purchase theĀ amazon S3 browser windows software with discount and avail the CloudBerry Explorer coupon. Here are some major features and facilities of this amazing software:

Offers Necessary Securities

We know that some security tools are there to offer some strong securities to the clouds. But, it is better to make the files secured before storing those to any storage. This task can easily be done by using CloudBerry Explorer. It will let you set a strong password for every file that should be stored in a cloud. Another important thing is, this software is capable of compressing any file. That is why, a small space of the cloud will be used. So, you will be able to store more files and data. It supports the command line interface too. There are some tools that can deal with a single thread at a time. But, CloudBerry Explorer is capable of dealing with multiple threads to complete a backup session in a quicker fashion.

CloudBerry Explorer

CloudBerry Explorer Discount and Pricing Options

Like any other product of the same company, CloudBerry Explorer also has different pricing options. If 1-4 licenses of this software are purchased, then you have to pay only $39.99 USD per unit except the discount. This unit price will be reduced if you purchase more licenses of it at a time. For example, if 10-20 licenses is purchased, then the unit cost will be only 29.99 USD. Similarly, you have to pay only $19.99 for purchasing more than 50 units, according to 25 March 2018. CloudBerry Explorer has some facilities, which are really appreciable for such a low cost solution. One of these facilities is its different upload rules. That means, you will be allowed to set different upload rules for different buckets of files.

Easy File Finding

After storing so many items in a cloud, many people face some problems to find out those again. This issue can easily be solved by CloudBerry Explorer. This amazing software has a quick search facility. This tool can be used for finding out any file from the cloud, as well as from a local storage. You can use this to move any single, or a collection of files from your local storage to the FTP server.

In such way, please get with the CloudBerry Explorer discount and make purchase of amazon S3 browser windows software with the coupon.