Gravity Forms Discount, Get Coupon Code price 2016

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Have a magnificent 25% Gravity Forms discount available here. To get this coupon, what you need to do is just click on the above given link and there you will find a coupon code. Apply this on the cart during checkout and enjoy the offer.Gravity Forms Discount

Details of the Gravity Forms

Though there are so many web form generator tools, some of those can be highly recommended. One of the best options is the Gravity Forms. This product has come with all the necessary features. Most of the current users of this generator are very happy with the pricing and features of this. It is very easy to use and to generate the forms, it needs very short time. It also helps the users to submit the forms nicely. The good thing about this product is that it contains many essential tools. Purchase the product with the discounted price in order to avail its services at a cheaper rate.

Very Powerful Features

All types of features are offered by the Gravity Forms. While building the forms with this, you can choose various designs, fields and bars. You will also get the power to configure all the options. For creating the multipage forms, this product is awesome. You don’t have to create the fields manually. Just it is necessary to choose among the standard and advanced fields for showing and hiding fields, you can use the conditional logic system. Gravity Forms is an efficient order form generator. Various payment and pricing fields can be integrated in these forms. The entry management system of this solution is very much impressive. Customizing the entries can be done very easily with this. For the submission of the forms, notification system is very much useful. Gravity Forms plugin can send notification mails for each of the submission of the forms. If the cool features of this product interests you, then purchase it with the discount that adds to its attraction.

Basic and Advanced Add-ons

Gravity Form supports various types of add-ons. Some of those are basic type of and some are advanced. Campaign Monitor is a basic tool which is helpful for the email marketing. It can help to add new subscribers to the emailing lists. To integrate the forms with the GetResponse emailing service, you can use the GetResponse add-on which is another basic item. Similarly MailChimp, iContact and other tools can be used for integrating the forms with respective mailing services. Various advanced add-ons are offered for various services. In this category, Dropbox, FreshBooks, HItChat, and PayPal Pro etc. are very necessary items. When you feel the product is very easy to use so why do you delay? Get the product and get discount or promo code.

Licenses and Discount

Three different licenses have been offered for the Gravity Forms plugin. Personal License price is $39 for one year and it can be used in only one website. The Business License price is only $99/year in 2016, without the discount coupon. It can be used in three different sites. The best value plan is the Developer License which has been offered for unlimited websites. Important thing is all these three licenses are for unlimited forms and entries. Auto-responder feature is also available in all of them. The main differences of these are in terms of add-ons. The Personal License does not offer any add-on. The Business License has come only with the basic add-ons. And the powerful Developer License includes all the basic and advanced add-ons. And the users of this product will get priority support from all the team of Gravity Forms. So you just have to pick the right one for your campaign.

So we would like to say if the above product satisfies you, then have Gravity Forms discount price in 2016. This plugin, with the help of coupon code, should be available at much cheaper price.