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InviteReferrals discount

Features and Review of the InviteReferrals

There are so many ways to make the products and services more popular. By any means, you have to increase the customers for your goods. If you cannot do this with your own, then the referral system is the most fruitful way to fulfill the goal. Suppose numbers of customers are enjoying your products. You can allow them to get benefit for each referral they successfully make for selling your product. But this procedure should be maintained finely. InviteReferrals will help you to handle this. So if you like the product, then get it with the discounted price as mentioned. For you instance, there is no necessity of any additional coupon code to receive the offer. This popular tool has several features and some of those are:

Automatic Referral System

The current customers will refer your products to the others when they accept the referral facility. If they can convince other customers to get your product, they will be benefited. But you don’t have to create the coupons manually for the referrers. The InviteReferrals will automatically create and send the necessary coupons. This product will send you the complete report with graphical and analytical data. You can see the current number of participants from the report. The total number of invitations can also be seen. InviteReferrals will also show you the number of invitations on each platform. That means you can see the result based on email, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

InviteReferrals Discount

Completely Affordable Pricing and Discount

Before choosing any sort of a customer referral program, it is mandatory to consider the pricing. In the cases of most of the product, the pricing is really high. But the InviteReferrals does not require that much cost. Four types of packages of this solution has been offered. Let’s start with the smallest plan and that is the Basic License. It can be enjoyed by $59 monthly price as per October 3, 2015. This one can handle 500 new participants in each month and it is for 5 different campaigns. Another attractive license is the Standard Plan. It is for 2000 monthly participants and 15 campaigns. You have to pay $149/month for this one. For the Growth License, necessary monthly cost is $499 only. But the InviteReferrals discount is not applicable for  above monthly subscription. This powerful package is for 7000 participants per month and 40 different campaigns. In case you need InviteReferrals for more participants and campaigns, Enterprise Package is there. To know the price of this one, you have to consider with the sales and support team.

Multi-Platform Support

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the InviteReferrals is it is compatible with multiple platforms. It will be suited automatically with the platform you choose. So you can purchase it with the exclusive discount which will help you to get the product at a reduced the price. For example, you can use this widget from your Android or iOS platforms. Similarly from any kind of desktops and even tablets, this amazing solution can be handled. To design the entire campaign, you don’t have to take help from the other tools. The built in editor of the InviteReferrals is of WYSIWYG type. That is why you will be able to monitor the customization of any campaign in the editor. Even you don’t have to use the coding experience in designing and starting the campaigns.

So, if you interested in purchasing the product, then get it with the InviteReferrals discount as per the way mentioned above. We hope you enjoy the coupon.