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Features and Review of MemberMouse

Nowadays most of the professional websites includes the membership system. And the members of the websites enjoy several features. All the visitors feel the membership supported websites are more reliable. So such site can make the business more popular. You don’t have to face much difficulty when creating such website. All you need to have a WordPress site and necessary plugin. But you have to concern about choosing the right plugin for that. An ordinary tool cannot be chosen for this purpose. I can suggest you the MemberMouse which is very impressive membership plugin. So after reading the review, if you liked the MemberMouse plugin please purchase it with the exclusive coupon and enjoy the discounted rate. Plenty of features have been integrated in this. Some of those are:

Customer Management System

MemberMouse is not just an ordinary membership plugin. It offers all the features one may look for. You can consider this as the suite of all the necessary tools. The customer management system of this product is very impressive. It offers the checkout pages which are very easy to use. The registration of the new members will be handled very efficiently by this product. It can work with both the paid and free membership subscriptions. Various billing systems can be necessary to be integrated with the membership forms. MemberMouse will integrate many of those very efficiently. It is very much useful for growing the mailing list. It has the affiliate tracking and activity log creation facilities for the members.

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MemberMouse Coupon

Top Class Automation

The MemberMouse is the plugin which offers impressive automation facility. All the customers will be able to update their profile information very easily. Even they can change their passwords any time. This plugin will handle those automatically. So you don’t have to spend your valuable time to work with those. The members will get the power to cancel their subscription anytime. MemberMouse will keep the member list updated all the times. It can update the credit card information and deal with the money refund conditions perfectly. So, if you find this plugin impressive, then you can have it along with the coupon.

Three Pricing Plans and Coupon

MemberMouse is actually for all types of websites. For different types of sites, this product has different plans. That is why all types of website owners can get their products from here. The Starter Plan is for the websites of only one thousand members. You can purchase this by 19.95 per month without any coupon code. This product has the core features and basic reporting system. But the Advanced Plan of this membership plugin supports the advanced reporting module. This plugin is suitable if your target is up to 50 thousand members. To get this one, the necessary price should be paid is 99 USD per month. As per 11 January 2016, monthly price of the Premium License of MemberMouse is 299 USD only. This product is for 100 thousand members. It includes all the advanced features and phone support facility.

So, get the MemberMouse coupon as per mentioned above. We hope you purchase the product and enjoy the discount in 2018.