Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Pricing and Wonderful Review in 2018

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Avail Microsoft Surface Pro 2 pricing when purchasing Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Full Featured Tablet

Though there are so many features of the tablets can be compared with those of the laptops, an ordinary tablet cannot perform as nicely as a laptop does. Microsoft Corporation provides a great solution for this problem by creating such tablet which has all the capabilities of a laptop. So, this mighty tablet can be recommended to anybody without any confusion. You may think that the price of it is very high, but actually, it is not very high compared to the powerful features. Let’s consider the most attractive features of this device of Microsoft. Therefore, get the exclusive microsoft’s second generation windows with pricing and have the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 review.

Advanced Screen & Multi-Keyboard

Full HD display is one of the best advantages of this product. So it can be perfectly used for watching the movies or videos of highest qualities. The size of the screen is 10.6” so that the user of it will feel very comfortable while browsing and watching movies in it. Microsoft has used the latest technology to create this screen which has the resolution of 1080p so that it becomes very much friendly for touch. Another great advantage of Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is it supports the additional keyboard which can be used as the protective cover. So you don’t have to depend on the touch all the time, sometimes you can use the physical keyboard. Pro Pen is one of the best accessories of the Surface Pro 2. This pen can be used to draw something and take the notes in that device instantly.

Camera and Wi-Fi Facilities

Both the front and back cameras of the Surface Pro 2 are of impressive quality. With the help of those cameras, you can capture nice photos and record the videos with large aspect ratio. To make phone calls, the cameras of this Microsoft device are very efficient. All the standard protocols of Wi-Fi are supported by the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and it also supports Bluetooth version 4.0 so that you will face no connectivity problems at all. Bluetooth mouse, keyboards, headphone, microphone etc. can easily be used with this tablet.

Other Advanced Features and Pricing

Ordinary tablets do not have all the necessary ports, but the Surface Pro 2 has. USB 3.0 port of normal size and slot for the micro SD card have been added to this beautiful device. Mini display port is another advantage of this product for which you can connect with the projector or other types of external screens. Windows 8.1 is more secure than the version 8 and that is why Microsoft Corporation has installed the Windows 8.1 in the Surface Pro 2. 4th generation Core i5 processor has made this tablet more powerful. 4GB and 8GB RAM editions are available for this product. Similarly the storage sizes in different edition are different.  The price of the 64GB edition is only $899 as of 14 November 2014 and that of the 128GB edition is only $999.

Finally, please we hope get nicely with the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 pricing. Kindly Pick exclusive microsoft’s second generation windows with the review.