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Monkey Playr discount

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Highlights of Monkey Playr

Monkey Playr is a video player that imports videos from direct YouTube and even can play them over your website or blog. You don’t need to make a video library of yours instead of that you can easily import videos from YouTube and publish that on your website and blog. Works with any videos of YouTube. Whatever what is on YouTube that can also be directly in your video gallery. With this software you can easily control over the video player. This video player tool is highly customizable. You customize anything of the player of your own choice. You can select the exact size of the video player of your own choice and command. You can even drag affiliate program using this software. You can put up MP for earning money by simply adding YouTube videos to your website and those videos going to attract customers to come over your website or blog. With this software you save hundreds of dollars simply by not costing for hosting server. You can directly import videos from the YouTube so why need another special hosting for keeping videos. This is best in both money and service. This is a very cool product which is being sold at cheap price with the discount coupon offer through our link. To have this Monkey Playr coupon, no discount code is needed.

Features of The Product

Likewise, other software available in the market this software does its certain job along with that this also do some extra jobs. With Monkey Playr you can customize your whole player. Adjusting the height and width of the product. Even you can add a certain point to watch videos of a certain section. If you wish to continue that video playing by playing you need to put a loop so that the video could play over again and again. If you want to attract your visitor more there is another option called AutoPlay. If you enable this plug in to your player whenever someone visited, your website automatically videos began to play. Sometimes a brand tag over videos may be annoying. So with Monkey Playr if you enable modest branding the logo of the YouTube from video will disappear. The web player is secured with https this security is well known for payment option. So the security of this player is highly stricter. Even this https features extra HD video streaming over online. The interface is very comfortable and web dependent. So there is no issue with installing any software or plug-ins into the computer. All you need is a browser and log in approval. If you don’t want to import videos from YouTube, you can directly import videos from, your own server or local drives. MP offer a lot of features with lot of opportunity for limited price and cost.

Price and Discount

Monkey Playr offers a lifetime subscription without any weekly, monthly or any other external fees. This is available for only $20 for lifetime without the discount.

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