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OnlyWire Reviews

We all know that the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are the four most popular social media. But there are so many of those which are used by large number of people also. Suppose you are a social media professional and need to post different contents to there. So you have to deal with many social media. But it will be very difficult for you to post the contents separately to each of those. In this case you can choose the OnlyWire. This is one of the best social media bookmarking tool of the world. For the cheaper pricing of this product, it has been chosen by many bloggers and professionals. Here are some main points about this amazing solution. So without any doubt you can purchase the product with exclusive discount. If you choose the product, having OnlyWire discount will obviously help to get some price promo.

Submission Automation System

The easiest submission system of this product is the best feature of it. You just have to provide necessary contents to your WordPress site and choose the social networks. Then the OnlyWire will automatically post the contents to the targeted media efficiently. It will check your site hourly to check whether there is new contents or not. If it finds any new item, instantly that will be submitted to the social media. It can export the contents not only from WordPress sites but also from the RSS/ATOM feeds.

OnlyWire Discount

Performance Detection Facility

Another important facility offered by the OnlyWire is its monitoring and performance detection system. After the contents being submitted, comments and likes will be given to those. This product will show you the response for each of those contents in all the social networks. So you can easily detect the media which should be in the priority list. The performance of the whole campaign can be checked by OnlyWire. Even you can check the performance of your contents separately for each of the social media.

Affordable OnlyWire Pricing and Discount

The pricing of this product will impress you that’s for sure, the Pro Plan and Enterprise Plans all are very much attractive. The Pro Plan is for 50 social networks and it can is for only one user. As per this post writing time, price of this plan is $5 for each month. One the other hand, the Enterprise Plans are for unlimited number of users and social networks. According to the monthly submissions, pricing of it defers. If you choose 5 thousand submissions, monthly price will be $79.99 for annual billing. This cost will be $153.51 for 10 thousands submissions per month. Similarly, your cost will be USD 282.78 and 484.78 for 20 and 40 thousands submissions per month. It is not mandatory to purchase this for a year. You can also get this for single or multiple months. But in that case the cost for each of these plans of OnlyWire will be higher than the annual billing. If you review the product price plan you will realize it is very cheap and affordable. So get your special discount today!

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