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Presentation Screen Master Discount

Presentation Screen Master Review

The Presentation-Assistant is the provider of some amazing software related to the presentations. Only three high quality products are offered by this company. One of those is the Presentation Screen Master. Normally what happens is we do not use our computers for other tasks while showing presentations from those. If we open other windows on the screen, then that will be shown on the projection screen too. This problem can be solved by the Presentation Screen Master. This product will show only the selected thing on your computer screen on the projector screen. And you can easily open other windows for doing some other tasks. If the review on Presentation Screen Master satisfies you, then get it through our link with the provided discount coupon. There is no requirement of any discount code to get the coupon on Presentation Screen Master. Some major features of this software are:

Control the Presentations

The Presentation Screen Master will help you to take control over your presentation completely. Sometimes it can be seen that the entire screen of the computer should be shown. And sometimes, you may not need to do that. This software will help you to show the entire screen as well as only the selected area. So you will be able to do other works on your computer while presenting something else. Presentation Screen Master will also let you pause the presentation. After delivering the necessary lecture, you will be able to resume again. Different highlighting tools have been integrated into this product. Using these tools, you can attract the crowds to some of the contents. This product can focus only on the selected application. That means, you can run any application and show that to the screen in front of the audiences.

Completely Affordable Pricing

The Presentation Screen Master can be purchased with 1 year or lifetime upgrade facility. For each of the computer, the price of this software is 29.95 USD with 1 year upgrades. But the best option is to purchase this software with lifetime upgrade facility. In that case, the cost will be 49.95 USD as of the date of writing this post. This is the pricing without the discount being included. Sometimes, you may need to use the Presentation Screen Master on different computers of your own. In doing so, you can purchase the Portable License of this software by only 69.95. This one is also available with lifetime upgrades feature. No matter which one will be chosen, money back guarantee will be provided to that for one month.

More Additional Features

Some advanced features have made this product more useful. For example, the Presentation Screen Master has the zooming option. So during the presentation, you can zoom into the screen very easily for better understanding. For drawing the attention of the attendees, you can use the cursor effect included in this product. It will help you to annotate the presentation to make that more attractive. The Presentation Screen Master has great compatibility. It is perfectly compatible with all the version of the Windows operating system.

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