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Review and Features of the product

All of us know the functionality of any security or spy camera. This kind of camera monitors the behaviors and movements of all objects of a particular area. Suppose you want to monitor the activities done on any computer. In that case, it will not be a good idea to place a security camera in the room where the computer is placed. The best thing will be to use a screen recording utility on that computer. After that, you will be able to check the active session of that device remotely. Now the thing is, which remote screen recording solution you should purchase? We can recommend you the SA of the famous Stepok Image Lab. Get this recommended Screen Anytime with our coupon offer. Here are the reasons why we are recommending this:

Multi User Recording

There are some screen recording utilities which do not offer the multiple profiles for multiple users. But the Screen Anytime perfectly support that facility. That is why, you can create the log of recorded videos for the session of each of the users separately. So it will be easier for you to monitor the computer activities of all the users. The recording capability of the tool is quiet impressive. It can record the mouse movements and screen changes perfectly. It can monitor the activities done on any opened application also. Get all the activities monitored by purchasing the tool with Screen Anytime discount.

Other Necessary Features

After recording the videos, the product will let you store those on a specific server. And those can be distributed very easily. By no means, this software can be considered as a virus or privacy breaker. It will not record the personal messages which will be typed from the keyboards. Hence the passwords used by users will not be tracked by this. The Screen Anytime will detect the computer using session for working and other tasks. Any user can play games or do other unnecessary things during work hours. If they do so, this software will let you know that.

Plans and Pricing and Coupon

Three different plans are offered for this tool. According to the necessity, the main task for you is to buy the right one. The Simple Edition of this product has come with powerful recording capability. But it cannot perform the replaying and real time monitoring tasks. As of 12 February 2016, price of this one is only 99 USD without the coupon. With both the recording and replaying functionalities, the Server Edition of Screen Anytime has been offered. To purchase this one, the necessary price should be paid is 199 USD only. This amazing product can also record the selected application. The Server Edition of this software is available for 599 USD. Both the HTTP service and real time monitoring facilities are added to this. Multiple licenses for each of these editions can be purchased by more attractive prices.

Get your computer operations recorded into video  log files with our Screen Anytime coupon. Have the discount by applying the mentioned code above.