SendGrid Coupon, Promo and Discount in 2016

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SendGrid coupon

SendGrid – The Perfect Email Delivery Platform

It is not safe to send the confidential emails through such platforms which are not reliable. Especially the transaction messages should be sent through very safe platform. In this modern time of technologies and internet, it is not difficult to find such way. But I can recommend you the SendGrid which is one of the most popular option for this task. Various reasons are there for this recommendation. I have tried to show those reasons in this post. SendGrid is on of the most pre-dominating products on this field and it won’t make you regret. Get the product with coupon in order to enjoy its amazing services at a cut price.
SendGrid Discount

Transactional Email Solution

One of the best solutions that are offered by SendGrid is the transactional email solution. When you will need to communicate with your customers very safely, it can be used. It can work with various top class framework like Django and CakePHP. You may need to extract various email contents for your project. In those cases SendGrid Transactional Email will be helpful. It can perfectly extract the contents and post those to web apps. Very advanced user management is another great feature of this.

Strong Email Marketing

SendGrid offers one of the most efficient cloud platform for email delivery. That platform has the capability to handle billions of emails. That means you can use this for your personal and large enterprise uses. Important thing is to consider the spam rate in the emailing campaign. Well complete spam free environment is not possible perhaps. Built in spam checker app has been used in this and hence there will be minimum possible threats. Encryption is another thing which is offered by the SendGrid. While sending the mails, it can protect the connection between servers. It can also check whether the messages are intended or not. The online interface of it provides drag and drop type editor. Some email templates have also been offered with it. So  purchase the product with the coupon to enjoy the services of this product at a more reasonable price than before.

Pricing and Coupon

Various packages have been offered for the SendGrid. Two type of Essential Plans are there. The First one can handle 40 thousands emails in each month. Price for that is only $9.95/month. On the other hand another license can handle 100 thousands messages. Cost for this is $19.95/month. The Pro Plans can be recommended to various types of users. It has three different sub-categories. All these packages include the dedicated IPs and sub-user API. One package of those is for 100 thousands emails per month. Whereas, the other two can handle 300 and 700 thousands messages. Monthly prices of these packages are $79.99, $199.99 and $399.99 respectively. If your target is more than these number of emails/month, the Premier Plan is for you. It is available for custom pricing option. That means, you have to pay according to the number of emails you choose. There is nothing to worry about the user interface because that is very impressive. So purchase this impressive product with exclusive coupon.

So have the SendGrid coupon code on purchase. With this exclusive discount, SendGrid product in 2016 could be purchased at a reduced price than before.