ServerPress Discount and Exclusive Coupon in 2018

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Have an exclusive 10% ServerPress discount during purchasing the product. You will be given this coupon as cash rebate. For instruction, please refer to the image below.

ServerPress discount


A Short Review on ServerPress

For the regular WordPress installation, you have to rely on a premium product. Otherwise, much of your time will be wasted. Sometimes you may need to import a site contents and export those to others. All these tasks can be done by simple software or tools. One of such tools is the DesktopServer, which is an impressive product of ServerPress. No matter how many websites you want to deal with, this one will work with those with high efficiency. If the review of the product interests you, then buy it with the discount and promo facility. Here are some of the features of this product:

Some Basic Features

No matter, you get the Premium or Limited versions of this product, both of those will offer some basic features. DesktopServer of ServerPress has the cross platform compatibility. That means it can be run on the Windows and Mac platforms. Necessary Xdebug, PHP 5.5, Apache and MySQP servers and included in these. For the local installation of the WordPress, this software is completely reliable. After getting this one, you don’t have to rely on other solutions for copying the WP sites. It is very efficient for that. Domain name mapping is another good feature of this ServerPress product. The DesktopServer can install all the WordPress files and security keys.

ServerPress Discount

Reasonable Pricing Option and Discount

Actually, you will need the DesktopServer for dealing with so many WP sites. So the Limited Edition of this product will not fulfill your necessities. The problem is it can only deal with three local sites. So, you have to purchase the Premium Edition for working with a big number. And the price of that is very attractive. When this post was written, cost for this product of ServerPress was only $99.95. If you look forward you can see, the price is also more attractive without the discount and coupon. It can be used for the portable devices. During the license period, you will get the necessary supports. Even after the license period, you will enjoy all the features offered by DesktopServer Premium. Just the premium supports will not be provided then.

Benefits of Premium Editions

From the above, you may have understood the basic features and pricing of the DesktopServer. Now let’s see the advantages of purchasing the Premium Edition of this product. Many people may be happy with the features of the Limited Version of it. But these advanced features will force you to think twice. The Premium Version of this product supports WordPress Multiple sites. So you can use this one as many WordPress sites as you want. Directly it will deploy the targeted website to the live server. This ServerPress Premium Solution will let you use the Airplane and Bypass login plugins. For the PHP debugging, this solution is more impressive. It offers the trace utility for that debugging. Perhaps the most important feature of this DesktopServer edition is it can import the backup services. Some of the backup services that are supported by this are BackWP Up, ManageWP and BackupBuddy. So if you think the above mentioned product is good enough for your business or self, then please purchase it with the exclusive discount.

If you liked the features and review of this product, then get it with the ServerPress discount. We expect that this coupon satisfies you and give you a pleasant experience.