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Trend Micro Online Guardian

Trend Micro Online Guardian for Families Details

The children always love to know the unknowns and the best way to discover something new is the internet. That is why you may let your children use the computer as well as the internet without any tension. But in many cases it has been seen that many kids got addicted by the pornography, chatting and other inappropriate contents. So you must monitor the activities of the children. But it is not possible to monitor those all the time without any software or family protection tool. Though the parental control tools are available with many strong protection solutions, but it is best to use extra software like the Trend Micro Online Guardian for Families. It is a very popular product of the Trend Micro brand. Therefore, buy fully Web-based parental control solution with pricing/review and avail the Trend Micro Online Guardian review.

Major Features and Benefits of This Software

One of the important ways to get the ideas about the activities and intentions of your children is to monitor the Facebook account of them. Trend Micro Online Guardian for Families is such software which will let you get all the information and files shared by your children to their Facebook accounts. It will also monitor the privacy settings of their accounts very efficiently. Yahoo Messenger and other options are there for chatting and as a responsible parent, you have to monitor their chatting histories.

In this case the Online Guardian of Trend Micro will help you perfectly. You should never let your children to upload any adult videos or images to YouTube or other video sharing sites. This innovative product of the Trend Micro brand will let you know what your children have uploaded to those sites. All these things can be monitored only by the parents and only they will get the power to turn on as well as off, with strong password, the monitoring the activities of their children.

Different types of websites are there which are not appropriate for the children at all. Those websites are of different categories. One of the best features of the Trend Micro Online Guardian is it will let you block all the websites of those categories very efficiently. This software will also provide you the report of all the online activities of your children whenever you want. Even it will also let you know what your children search online.

Trial Version of This Product

Trend Micro is always concerned about what the customers want. Nobody wants to buy any product before using it some days for free. That is why Trend Micro offers the trial version of the Online Guardian for Families. So you can download the trial version before buying and use that free for maximum 1 month. Then you can become the licensed customer for this product and the license will be valid for 1 year.

From here, please have nicely with the Trend Micro Online Guardian pricing and pick  fully Web-based parental control solution with the review.